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Drug Addiction Center is a drug rehab for an addicted individual who is in a constant battle with alcohol abuse and drug addiction. Our services range from inpatient care, outpatient care, and as well as sober living options. For those who haven't called our live operators and decided to visit our rehab without notice, we accommodate individuals and can provide opioid treatment with methadone and suboxone treatments. We concentrate on alcohol and drug rehabilitation which is composed of alcoholism treatment and 30-day alcohol detox methods. Our rehabilitation center has all the drug treatment specialists for every type of substance abuse such as heroin, oxycontin, and fentanyl dependency, meth addiction, crack addiction and cocaine abuse. We provide training and skills on how to maintain sober long after the completion of your treatment together with techniques on stress management, withdrawal symptoms, and cravings. If you or someone you loved is seeking for help on your substance abuse, reach us through our 24/7 helpline.

How long is the Recovery Treatment Program?
Drug Addiction Center has a flexible addiction treatment for all types of addiction. We provide a high success rate to people who want to stay clean and sober from abuse addiction. Our center has programs from 30 to 90 days with outpatient and inpatient rehab options. Treatment may also continue through AA & NA Meetings and sober living in the US. Various people will enter the rehab at no particular time, they can either dedicate a few days to the program or a longer time if needed. We can also provide outpatient programs for those patients who have responsibilities that they can't leave behind while they are in the recovery process.

How much does Treatment cost?
Drug Addiction Center is accredited to cover insurance like blue cross, blue shield, and PPO private insurance options. We also provide easy programs and payment options that are suitable for your needs. At this time, we do not provide Medicare or Medicaid or recovery programs from the government but we can offer other payment options for people who seek treatment for substance abuse.

Is the Addiction Consultation Free?
Drug Addiction Center provides free phone consultation on concerns and questions about how to recover from substance abuse and addiction successfully. We can help you get into a rehabilitation center the next day or help you find other best options that will suit your needs. Our skilled team has experience in saving and helping patients get the assistance they need with compassion and understanding.

Can I call for somebody else or family member?
We have encountered several people call to reach out for assistance for the people they are concern about. All conversations will be kept confidential and will provide several treatment selections to get your loved one the help they need. We wanted to be the key to reducing the rising number of people of overdoses and deaths from drug and alcohol abuse. Drug Addiction Center is fitting for people of all ages who wanted to get sober from addiction. For those who aren't comfortable living together with the opposite gender, we also have special facilities for women and men only rehab. Call our hotline number now and begin your journey to successful recovery.

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